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Now you can use Ajarn Ken's experience of teaching students worldwide and also his own experience of learning languages.

Ajarn Ken is a well known ESL expert and teacher from the United Kingdom and has more than 10 years experience teaching English to students in Europe, Asia and South America. He has taught 1000's of students how to improve their English and also to improve themselves to get their dream job.

Ken speaks conversational French, Spanish, Portuguese and Thai as well as being a native British English speaker.

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Our Course Overview

Ajarn Ken will help improve your English language skills. You will speak better English, smoother, clearer and with better pronunciation using the excellent practice lessons, hints, tips and advice lessons and general quizzes and tests for you to see how much you have improved.

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The best way to Learn English. Speak better English with these UDEMY online courses for Beginner English students. Learn English with a native English teacher speaking British English.

Ajarn Ken is a well known ESL English teacher from the United Kingdom and speaks British English.
Ken has visited around 50 countries worldwide and has learned to speak conversational French, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai.
He has taught thousands of students in Europe, South America and Asia.
Currently Ken coaches and teaches university graduates in Asia who want to move their career into the aviation industry as cabin crew and flight attendants.

These online courses at UDEMY are Learn English courses. Ajarn Ken will show you how to learn English quicker and better using his experience of learning languages and also from the many thousands of students he has worked with around the world.
There are English lessons giving you hints, tips and advice to learn English from a native English speaker.

Also there are practice English speaking lessons where you can work with Ken to improve your English speaking. There are English tests and quizzes to test your knowledge of learning English and also English lesson booklets you can use as you go through the learn English lessons.

You will learn how to speak English better, smoother and have better pronunciation. As a bonus, Ken speaks British English so you will improve your British English.

You will also learn English vocabulary, English structures and English grammar as you speak through the lessons.

Ken is very well known for being direct when teaching so during the English lessons you are encouraged to speak as much as possible. You can follow and copy Ajarn Ken, you can also have a studdy buddy to learn with and you can help and teach each other.

The courses are not for everyone as each person has their own way of learning English. Only buy these courses if you really want to learn English and improve your English.