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Hi! I'm Ajarn Ken, ESL Expert, business English trainer and marketing expert. I'm a native English speaker from Scotland and in addition to English being my native language, I can also speak Spanish, Portuguese, a little bit French and also a little bit of Thai. I have been teaching English in the UK, Europe and Asia.

At the moment, I have been living in Bangkok, Thailand since 2009, having also lived in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Bulgaria prior to this. My background has been in Finance havng run my own business in the UK for a number of years before relocating to Portugal. I have also experience of international property, speaking at property seminars to experienced property investers, and I was a Financial Services Director with an international property investment company.learn english with ajarn ken

After the market depression in Europe in 2008, I decided to go on an extended holiday to Thailand - after I had previously visited there for a month a few years prior.

Teaching English, for me, has helped me understand my language. For those educated in the UK in English, I cant recall having any lessons on things like grammar and tenses etc. We were just expected to know this and pick it up - and I guess that was how we learned. I remember being in Spain and one of my Spanish friends asked me about the perfect tense in English, I had no idea what they were talking about.

This was a catalyst for me to motor ahead learning Spanish. As soon as I understood the structures of English, I could use this in my Spanish and have a better understanding how to use and speak Spanish.

AS I have some knowledge of other languages, it has also helped me in my lessons with my students, I 100% believe that all English teachers should learn another language as this will undoubtely help them when they are teaching.  I can see mistakes with my students and totally understand why they made that mistake when they are translating direct from their language to English.

Currently, I am working with University graduates who want to work for the airlines as cabin crew. Over the last 4 years, I have taught thousands of students, preparing them to get jobs as Flight Attendants with the major airlines with hundreds actually making the grade and getting their dream job. I really love it when they come ad speak to me and tell me and then they thank me for the help and support I have given them.

To be honest, it is always their hard work as a few have said to me that I pushed them very hard to improve and achieve. IT makes it all worthwhile.

My website is a follow on from that, just hints and tips and guides to help you improve your English. There is a complete English video course with 150 hours and 279 English lessons on video that I prepared a couple of years ago.

I will be providing various online programs where English learners can speak to me direct and ask any questions about learning English.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas or simply to make contact.

Ajarn Ken