Welcome to the English Video Course

Learn English with Ajarn Ken. We have a complete English course with 279 English video lessons with ESL teacher and expert Ajarn Ken. Learn English vocabulary, English grammar, English structures with complete easy to follow English Lessons

Thanks for visiting the Learn English Video Course with ESL Expert Ajarn Ken. This English course is free for you to use. It has 279 English lessons and around 150 hours of lesson time on video presented by international ESL teacher and expert Ajarn Ken.

The learn English course has eleven levels from beginner English upto Advanced English. Each level has a number of English lessons on video and also English dictations for you to test your English skills.

Each lesson is around 25 minutes with a full transcript of the lesson. In it you will learn new vocabulary, sentence structures, pronunciation and grammar. It will help to improve your listening skills by listening and following Ajarn Ken also and by speaking back to Ajarn Ken, it will help improve your English speaking skills. The English dictations will help improve your listening and writing in English skills.

As you can see, the English Video Course has everything for you to learn, improve and understand English.

How to follow the course.

Simply play the video, follow the transcript and repeat what Ajarn Ken is saying. There is a vocabulary list ( we are working to have this translated into various languages) for you to follow also. 

The course builds on each previous lesson and level so you will not only be learning what the new vocabulary or grammar point is, bt you will also be learning how to use it in a real situation.

My own recommendation is do 1 lesson per day - upto you how many times each day you do that lesson. On day 4, after you do English lessons 1,2 and 3) is to go back over the previous three lessons again.

The repeat this for the next 3 lessons - 4, 5 and 6, and so on. That way you are repeating what you have learned and reinforcing it into your knowledge.

When I have teaching this, some students told me they were doing lessson 1, 2, 3 then going back to lesson 2, 3 and 4, then going back to 3, 4, and 5. and so on as part of their revision and homework. So really it is up to you and how you do it and what feels comfortable for you and suits your learning needs.

I hope you enjoy this course. If you have any questions then just let us know!

Ajarn Ken